Second collection dropping in February - stay tuned!

An introduction

Hi love, welcome home indeed, we've been waiting for you. In this house you'll find a couple of things; clothing that'll fit you, clothing that'll match your insides and clothing that wants to be worn by you. Has been made for you, wants you.

We've created three prints together with five different items, all separately available. In our eyes every print has their own energy, their own character, just like we all do. Just like us clothing is supposed to be fluid, supposed to be matching your feelings and the vibe you're going for. Well I think it's just time for you to scroll down and see what we mean.



They say that a magician never reveals their secrets. I think they're scared of people like us. People that see magic in everything they do, every life touched. We tend to see chaos in clarity and calmness in Mayhem. This is a gift that we all have, buried away in social constructs. When all has fallen, we are left with pure beauty and the power to reclaim all that has been stowed away from us. No stones left unturned. In secrecy lies truth and you now have the choice to unfold. 

toxic topic

toxic topic

Don't let my name fool you. I know who I am. I speak my mind whenever I can and the words that leave my mind will live forever. I live by my words since they have value. Truth is virtue and I will break silence. I will give everything in my power. So you will have all of me or nothing at all. I will race towards my goals whilst always being connected to my core. Nothing can stop me. As long as my inner voice and I are intertwined, I'll stay invincible. 


Pastel paradise

I am otherworldly. A dream that has been manifested into reality. I'll softly lay you in my endless sea of being. You'll become your own paradise as long as you move from a place of love. I am soft, alive and present in every moment. I am meant to be here. Grounded in what I stand for, whilst dreaming for the future. I'm fluid. I'm love poured in a mold of a human being. Dreamy but fierce. Sweet but strong. 

Made by fat people for fat people