The story

Lovaeij was established by Lotte van Eijk, driven by her desire to bring about a positive change in the fashion industry. Having experienced the challenges of growing up fat, she realized that stylish clothing often didn't cater to her. Shopping became more of a daunting quest than an enjoyable experience as she struggled to find items that fit her well. 

Lotte transformed the frustration of not finding clothes in her size into a source of empowerment. Ever since she was a kid, Lotte held onto this dream of becoming a fashion designer. As a child, she dedicated herself to sketching designs for people, fueled by a steadfast passion to make clothing specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with big bodies.

Her obsession with making clothes for those often overlooked in the fashion industry became a driving force, propelling her towards a journey of self-discovery and ultimately inspiring the establishment of Lovaeij.

As the years have passed since the inception of this brand, Lotte has come to realize that it's more than just a clothing line; it's a community, a family, a movement. It's no longer just Lotte working alone; there's now a team of beautiful individuals dedicated to the growth of the brand. The vision extends beyond fashion—it's about fostering a fat revolution. The goal is to dress all the bad bitches out there, uniting them in a powerful movement that celebrates diversity and self-expression. 

Welcome home. We've been waiting for you.