The story

Lovaeij has been founded by Lotte van Eijk who wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry. Growing up fat made her realise that all of the stylish clothing weren't made for her. Shopping wasn't fun but an endless quest to find something that she'd fit. Her grandmother Nel and her mother Marleen teached her how to look good despite of not seeing her own body in/on any shops, billboards or magazines. She graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in Photography (class of 2018) where she used her Instagram @lovaeij as a key part for her graduation project. The celebration of a fat shell, the celebration of loving ones body, the celebration of being, wrapped in vulnerable imagery.  

"A romantic, vulnerable and soft series of a body that was thought to be none of the above. A series consisting of images we are already familiar with, but now molded into another appearance. Where photography is expressed as a romance with oneself. A therapy to reconnect with the reflection seen in the mirror."



She wanted to show that her body is a work of art, and so she continued doing that on instagram, sparking a light within thousands of followers that connected to her message. She wanted to show everyone that a fat body can and should be celebrated. Empowered by her followers and seeing how everyone grew from her art, she started to think about her lifelong dream; A fashion house where everyone fits anything they want. 


The plan

Due to COVID, a lot of her modeling work paused. And in the moment of stillness there was clarity. This was the time to begin.

Since the fashion industry only produces clothing that makes sure fat people are hidden, Lotte wanted to do the opposite. She wanted fat people to be seen, she wanted necks to turn, she wanted belly's and booty's out. She wanted it al, but where to start? The past 1,5 years, she worked on creating this dream together with people who believed in this vision. She wanted a brand that represented how she sees the world; Fluid, inclusive, bold, sexy, daring and simply connected to what she stands for. She wanted everyone to feel at home within the brand and her clothing. It's more than a fashion house; it's a home.

The clothing

Since Lotte loves an outfit you can just throw on and be done with she wanted that to appear in her first collection. All her life she had to make so much effort, search every store and alter every piece of clothing to be able to look the way she wanted to look. There was never a piece that translated her insides, she was never able to find clothing that represented how she felt, how she wanted to be seen. So that's just what she was about to make. The right fit, sexy, bold, matching and comfortable.

Welcome home. We've been waiting for you.