Finding the perfect size can be hard so we have made this page specially for you. At the moment, we don't have a physical store but we made sure that you can figure out your size yourself. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us with your measurements and we will help you.

We've developed our own size range. This means that our unique fit might be different than the size you would usually pick.
The sizing has been tested and developed on two plus-size bodies with two different body types. An apple figure and a pear figure, both generally wearing a size 50/52 EU (the XL on this website).

The ''apple'' type body has a 132cm chest,  a 120cm waist and 133cm hips.
The ''pear'' type body has a 122cm chest,  a 105cm waist and 140cm hips.

Normally, people with different body types couldn't wear the same items because of the fabric being too wide or too tight.We made sure to tackle as many of these issues as we could. Every piece is made of stretchy fabric. The fabric blend is 88% polyester and 12 % elastic. So this means we didn’t connected one convection size to our sizes, but two. The pieces are designed in such a way that it doesn’t matter where your fat distribution is, the fabric will fill and stretch in the right places.

With every item on the website comes additional information. Here you'll find the measurements of the models and the size they’re wearing. This will help you find your size. The "Good to know" will tell you what the fit of the item does, so this will also help you get an idea of what it'll do on your body.

We've made the sizes as true as possible to the convection sizes you see below. But we also know that you probably have a different size in different stores, so let's make this as clear as possible.

To help you pick the right size, we have made a size overview!

Do you swing between a wide range of sizes going from 38-44 EU we recommend size S. Are you most of the time the last size available in "general" stores, pick M or L. If you normally wear a size 48/50 EU we recommend size XL. Are you the last size available in "plus size" stores then XXL is your right pick. Is your size not available in physical stores and that caused you to not know what yours is but you think you're size 60/62, then XXXL is your baby. If you're usually used to buying 6XL/7XL, we recommend XXXXL as the right fit! 


Sizing Lovaeij EU  UK US
S 38/40 EU 10/12 UK 8/10 US
M 42/44 EU 14/16 UK 12/14 US
L 46/48 EU 18/20 UK 16/18 US
XL 50/52 EU 22/24 UK 20/22 US
XXL 54/56 EU 26/28 UK 24/26 US
XXXL 58/60 EU 30/32 UK 28/30 US
XXXXL 62/64 EU 34/36 UK 32/34 US


 You can help us as well! Make sure to snap a picture and post this to your stories/wall and use #HouseofLovaeijxMe. We will feature pictures on our official @HouseofLovaeij Instagram so that people see all of the different, beautiful people wearing all sizes! Let's build a community together and make people feel at home!