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Conceal & Reveal / Kobalt Blue / Vest

Conceal & Reveal / Kobalt Blue / Vest

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This is a very special design and we will tell you why. This brand was born from fat liberation: We wanted to make sexy, fabulous, colorful, and fierce designs for bigger bodies. But after the first collection we realized that when you’ve been told the shape of your body is a prison, it takes time to adapt to the idea that it’s not. 

Your body is a beautiful garden worthy of flowers, rainbows, and sunlight. No one starts at chapter twenty; we all start at chapter one in our self-love journey. That’s why we created Conceal & Reveal. For many of us our arms, belly, butt, and upper legs are a sore spot, something we’ve been told to hide our entire lives. This is a hard thing to unlearn, but we are here to help. 

This vest will give you the feeling of security, the feeling of not having every asset of your body revealed but rather concealed. You can wear it, for example, in combination with the “Always cold” dress. This will give you the option to wear a bolder fit like this dress, but with a little security breach, a safety blanket. When there is a moment you feel uncomfortable with your body, like when you have staring competitions going on with fatphobes; you can pop the vest on and feel more in control of what you show to the world and what not. Obviously, it’s also just an amazing vest in general, wearable as a vest but also as a jacket in spring, summer & autumn. The fabric isn’t too thick, which will leave the sweat at home, but thick enough to be a nice extra layer on your stylish outfits. 

Information about the clothing 94% Viscose 30% Polyamide 5% Elastane
Wash with similar colors wash and iron on reverse side gentle washing do not use fabric softener
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